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• Addictions
• Allergies
• Back Ache
• General feeling of ill health
• Circulation
• Depression
• Digestive disorders:
• Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Facial Revitalisation
• supporting IVF
• Grief
• Hayfever
• Headaches and Migraine
• Jaw Pain
• Low energy/tiredness/fatigue
Lower back pain
• Neck ache and back ache
• Osteoarthritis knee pain
• Overactive bladder
• Pain
Pregnancy and childbirth
• Sleep related problems
• Sports injuries
• Well being
• Women’s health issues

New IVF technology helps couples conceive with 24/7 embryo monitoring

Scientists have pioneered a new method of IVF treatment that monitors the development of embryos around the clock.

Cleveland, Ohio, couple Ed and Caroline Marks are the first couple to try out the new process - and bagged themselves two beautiful baby girls. The pair struggled to conceive after they got married in 2010 and found out Ed's sperm count was way below average and Caroline had problems of her own.


'We felt like the odds were against us,' the 32-year-old woman said.

So they enlisted the help of a local IVF clinic. After six months, the Marks' doctors chose to test out a new technology called EmbryoScope that allows infertility specialists to check the development of fertilized eggs at 20 minute intervals.

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