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“and thats why I'm a proud one ?❤️? BUT you have so much more powerful skills - I still can't thank you enough for being part of our dream of being parents come true ???”
Hello so sorry for the late random text. But just wanted to say hi and hope u are well. Life is pretty hectic with my little family but I love every day and feel very lucky. I often think of you and the huge part u played in making our family. So just wanted to say thank you again!!! I’m sure you are busy helping lots of other women and hope our story can inspire them. Huge hug and thank you again. You are a very special lady who will always be in my heart. God bless xxx You are a very special person. I hope you are keeping a diary of all the couples you have helped xx
"Oh Lisa!! Still burping! Pretty sure I have gone down a dress size! Both disgusted by myself and amazed!! THANK YOU! xx" Client who was 27 weeks pregnant who arrived complaining she had pain and indigestion under her rib area. She also connected it to breathing issues similar to her previous asthma which she no longer gets. I tried to make sense of the Western diagnosis then realised I needed to be true to Five Element acupuncture. I realised that her internal organs were struggling for space because of her beautiful growing baby. The Chinese split the trunk into three: upper, middle and lower jaio. I thought that the energy and blood were stuck between upper and middle. After tonifying a few points Du 12. Bl 13, Bl 17 she immediately started belching with relief. So much gas! I finished with earth sources and Pc 7 to stabilise and harmonise. The resulting text from my client this afternoon is amusing and very pleasing!
Just to let you know, today I actually have a bit more energy and not feeling so fuddled, hooray for pins!
Whatever you did today has worked!!! Been to the loo about 6 times since I left you!! Thanks x
Hi Lisa. Just thought I’d say happy Xmas and send another photo. We have one very chilled out and happy baby, I’m sure in part due to the balancing effects of the acupuncture. She also sleeps through the night! X
Hi Lisa. You are amazing. Thank you so much.
"Just wanted to say thank you for all the fantastic acupuncture I've received over the last few months ... I strongly feel the acupuncture has had an extremely positive impact on my overall well being and future family."
"I went to Lisa because I had agitated a sciatic nerve issue from years before...I should listen to my body when it starts complaining and not my stubborn head! I had chiropractic treatment initially to release the nerve but the pain was excruciating. Those of you who know me will know that I don't take pain relief. Feeling like I may be back in the real world and wondering why I let acupuncture slip out of my life for so long. Thanks so much Lisa Collins for your amazing work. I was even so much calmer that I had a cheeky sleep on the train home. "
"I am amazed at myself, two years ago I was a lifelong 100% needle phobic, 4 children no needle or blood test came near me. It took me months to be ok with acupuncture by Lisa Collins even after a year I was still scared. With Lisa's patience I can now manage an ache-busting session of magic pins and was able to have a blood test in November. The remarkable thing is that tonight I was able to have two injections for my holiday in Vietnam,  it's a huge milestone I never thought I'd reach. Hooray!"
"I have been receiving treatment from Lisa for the past 3 years and first attended for the treatment of polycystic ovaries. I had many symptoms including irregular periods, weight gain, water retention, premenstrual tension.  In my first session Lisa spent a lot of time listening to me so that she fully understood my symptoms, she explained what she planned to do and how the treatment is given. Lisa took time to explain how acupuncture works so that I felt comfortable and understood what was going to happen. I found Lisa to be very professional but at the same time very understanding and sympathetic. Within a couple of cycles my condition began to improve and after 6 months my cycle became regular and my quality of life has improved because of this. Lisa has also treated me for depression and stress and adapted my treatments as and when I needed this once I had started to improve. I would and do highly recommend Lisa to my friends and family. She provides an excellent effective service tailored to the individual’s needs."
"Whatever you did today has worked."
“Feeling loads better tonight, even ate my tea.  Hubby  says a big thanku for a less grumpy wife.  Thanks again."
"Just to let you know, today I actually have a bit more energy and not feeling so fuddled, hooray for pins!"
"Where would I be now if I hadn't come to see you 2 years ago with my back pain...probably with the same or even more crippled with pain. I am pain free as a result of acupuncture treatment and your advice to try yoga or pilates has made a real difference to my posture."
"After a treatment I always feel relaxed and well. My emotions are balanced and my body feels restored and energised - as if every part of me has been reminded how to work properly and in harmony."
"Lisa provided not just acupuncture, but also a listening ear ... Lisa was so encouraging through a time when I was on an emotional rollercoaster and I am extremely grateful for the kindness she showed me."

Case Studies

 (please note that all names have been changed for confidentiality purposes)

Acupuncture works differently for different people, and as with any medical treatment a cure or complete relief from symptoms can never be guaranteed. However, many people find real benefits from a course of treatment. Here are some examples:

"29 year old Sally, sought acupuncture (on referral through a personal injury claim), after an accident in a supermarket carpark. The accident had exacerbated an existing problem with her lower back and caused her lower back pain and related pain in the buttocks and legs. After 7 sessions she found that the pain had gone, she now has follow up treatments about once a month to keep on top of the condition."
"Norma came for acupuncture, at the age of 63, suffering from pain in her upper and lower back as a result of the onset of Osteoporosis. After 4 sessions she started to feel relief from pain."
"Sarah came for treatment for swelling of the knees associated with arthritis and knee replacement. Swelling decreased and mobility started to improved."
"Margaret's husband approached me to offer her acupuncture. At the age of aged 82, she had osteoarthritus which caused terrible pain in her lower back and sciatica in her right leg. The couple badly wanted to be able to visit their son in the US, but felt that she was unable to travel with the pain being so bad. She also suffered with a form of dementia and often suffered with lack of sleep and confusion. After 7 sessions, Margaret reported that the pain in her legs had more or less gone and she felt much more mobile. I noticed that she was much less reliant on her walking stick. She also seemed more alert and aware of her surroundings. They managed to visit their son in the US and only a month after returning home also jetted off to France for another 3 week trip."